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2016 WRX Steering Wheel restore

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So, I have had my WRX for almost 40k miles now. I noticed the steering wheel at the 10-2 position seems dull and worn obviously from me using the car. Does anyone have a recommendation on what solution/technique to use to restore the leather wrapped steering wheel to its near-original condition? When I look at it between those positions, the leather seems 'worn off' to me, I am sure many of you have seen this. Detailers seem to restore the steering wheel to practically factory condition, I have seen it done. Is anyone actually using a steering wheel cover (one that just gets put on over the wheel)? Don't laugh, but when I search for Subaru WRX steering wheel covers I do not know how many times I have come across leather wrapping DIY kits, I don't want that. I have in other vehicles used a cover, but the bottom part of the wheel is flat and I am having a hard time finding steering wheel covers that have the flat bottom that seem somewhat legit. Thanks for any help!

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If it was me I'd look at my bottle of ArmorAll to see if it said for use on leather. if it did, I'd try that. If not, I'd get my container of colorless shoe leather restorer (greasy wax polish for shoes) and try that.
You can try a leather conditioner and use it often. It will sometimes plump the leather back up and make it supple again. I can't imagine a vehicle that new having permanent damage unless it was handled often by hands with solvent on them. I typically destroy steering wheels because the chemicals at work kill and destroy the leather.

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Thanks all for the suggestions, I will try the leather conditioner and see if that helps.

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