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2016 WRX Speaker Upgrade with 4 Channel Amp

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When I purchased my new 2016 WRX, I knew the first thing that I had to upgrade was the speakers. So in doing that I have added an Alpine 4 channel amp @ 50w RMS per channel. I also upgraded the rear coaxial speakers and installed a new component speaker system in the front.

I have noticed a huge difference with this upgrade but I still feel that the speakers could be louder without distortion with the amp providing them clean power. The stock Head Unit in these suck and that may be my next upgrade.

My speakers are also Alpine's rated at 80w RMS and accept 70hz-22,000hz. I have set my gain properly but my question lies around the crossover settings on the amp. The tweeters on the front component set have their own inline crossover.

Where should I be setting the crossover on the amp for best results? The amp allows for 50hz-250hz and has High Pass and Low Pass filters per front and rear speakers. Should I just turn the Filters completely off and run the amp crossover setting at 250hz and just let the components and coaxial speakers filter out the frequencies? Even the coaxial and component subs have a small crossover or filter on the actual speakers.

Right now I have the crossovers on the amp set to 80hz since the speakers indicate a range of 70hz-22,000hz. Would I benefit from having the amp crossovers all the way up? Or am I staying in the proper range?

From my understanding if I keep the crossover on the amp at 80hz, then I would be getting more bass to the speakers than if I set them at 250hz? Does that sound correct?

Thanks for the insight!
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Replacing the head unit will make the greatest difference in sound quality. In fact, I would imagine that the stock speakers actually sound pretty decent with a good head unit on there... so that's definitely what I would look into upgrading next. I don't know if the amp you got has RCA inputs on it, but if you get a head unit with good 5V (or higher) amp outputs on it and run those to the amp rather than using a line out converter it will sound a lot better.

As far as the crossovers go, I'm not much of an expert in that area. What I usually do is just play around with different settings, listening to different music, and find which settings sound best to me personally.

You are correct that having it at 80hz will allow deeper tones to the speakers vs. 250hz. Having the cut off at 80-90hz isn't bad if you have a subwoofer installed to take care of the lower tones below that range.. but if you don't have any speaker(s) installed that are completing the entire range of sound then it may sound better allowing the full range to get to your components.
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