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Got a 2016 WRX 6MT Limited-trim with almost all available OEM optional packages including blue foot-well lighting, located in western PA a couple hours away from Pittsburgh.

Album of photos for view; (There are more than the 15 photos shown in the embed, just click on the photo to view them all)

Main aftermarket mechanical modifications;
  • COBB Stage 2+ w/ Resonated exhaust (Accessport included)
  • Mishimoto Baffled Catch Can Kit
Many aftermarket cosmetic modifications include;
  • Subispeed/OLM Sequential Headlights and Taillights
  • Sequential fog bezels
  • Subispeed/OLM DRL Halo Fog assemblies (x4)
  • Subispeed/OLM Sequential+DRL Mirror lights
  • A lot of general cosmetic changes (White vinyls and White/Silver interior overlays
  • White WorkEmotion wheels (18") w/ Hankook Ventus V12 evo2's (245/40ZR-18)
  • Ceramic window tint
  • Pop-in window 'screens' (this + tint help dramatically w/ sunlight entering the car)
  • Misc engine cosmetic changes
  • White underglow (remote control included)
  • White Grille and Scoop glow (controlled by switch inside)
  • Pop-in MavFab Rear-window Louvers's (could use some paint touchup)
Notable things;
  • Was largely treated as a show-car but semi-actively driven
  • Actively maintained (regular maintenance/oil changes every 3ish thousand miles, see carfax report)
  • Had a ceramic body coating on which is largely worn off now, can use a new one soon
  • Just inspected in PA and passed w/ no issues
  • Interior can use a minor bit of detailing (floors are dirty, but seats and vinyl/dash parts were recently treated) and there is some driver-area leather wear
  • There was some front bumper damage back in 2016 shortly after buying it, no critical/mechanical damage though, front bumper was replaced.
  • The Hankook's were installed 03/2018, but only have about 4k miles put on them, still fantastic shape.
  • Kept away from snow/salt during winter seasons for the most part (and under-washed when not)
  • It is still on lease so there will be a bit of a delay in handling the title processing possibly?
Looking to get 26k for it preferably, I went by this price between the KBB Private-sale value in my area along with what similar-listings from dealers on in my part of PA were going for.

Mainly looking to sell to someone in this area of Pennsylvania if possible, any out of state or distant sales are probably gonna require pick-up here, I wouldn't have the first clue in shipping a vehicle anywhere lol.

I also have a little under 3k worth of brand-new unboxed engine components (see last image in album for list) that I never got around to installing, if interested please include an offer for those as well.

Any questions or anything feel free to ask.
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