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2016 wrx premium ~6000mi
Check engine light came on this morning my garbage scan tool says P04ac
(And I thought my mini had issues, I at least made it a year trouble free)

Google says p04ac
Generic Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve B - circuit low

Anyone know if this is right for Subaru or had this experience?

I accidentally called Berttera Subaru West Springfield and they said it's not flashing so they can fit me in early Dec. :whoa:(didn't have code at this point)

Called my dealer Berttera Hartford and they said they'd squeeze me in tomorrow:D

Luckily I have flexible hours and can work from home if needed. Should I be concerned making a 4mi drive to work and back before hitting the dealer? (I finished my drive to work this morning when the light came on.)
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