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2016/2017 Head Unit Swap Into 2015 WRX?

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I've got the non-touch head unit in my 2015 Premium WRX. I had Forester (2016) and Outback (2017) loaners (a weird click at times while on the phone in my car - dealership still hasn't fully fixed it) with the touch screen and I liked it a lot. Plus I mainly listen to podcasts and the audio from Waze doesn't work but did in those loaner cars. Does anyone know if a swap to a 2016/2017 touch screen would work?
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Is the Limited unit have GPS and XM and does your current car have the same?
Just edited my post (I now realize I did a crap job of writing it the first time) - I am looking to see if I can swap out the non-touch hu in my car for a touch hu (don't have one, just seeing if anyone knows if it's possible).
I'd go with an aftermarket unit with Android/Apple car play.
If you're asking if you can swap a 15 WRX HU for a 16/17 WRX HU, the answer is no. The 16 WRX has an extra plug in the back of the HU and 15 WRX factory wiring will not work to my knowledge. Their may be an aftermarket harness you could buy but my suggestion is what 4EverMetal said

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Thanks, that is what I was looking for.
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