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I am looking into getting a 2015 wrx, but I would like to know more about how well it responds to a tune. I am interested in what types of results (in WHP) the following scenarios would yield. And I know a protune will vary by tuner.

Cobb ap stage 1
Cobb ap stage 1+
stage 1 protune

Cobb ap stage 2
Cobb ap stage 2+
Stage 2 protune
Stage 3 Protune (of course new turbo is required but please do your best to make generalization)
Thank you for your help, and if theres any other input you may have on this topic please tell me. Also please don't ramble about how I need to get used to the power, I'm switching from a c6 z06.

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Cobb offers dyno graphs for their OTS maps, which gives you an idea of the power differences from their mapping.

If you want information on what kind of numbers you would be seeing with XXX modifications to your car, contact the tuner that will be doing the calibration, and ask them what you should expect; they will know the dyno and what they've been able to get out of a setup.
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