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Hi All,

Havent posed in a long time but was looking for some insight. I have a 2015 WRX that has difficulties shifting from 2nd to 3rd or from 5th to 4th. It appears that the neutral is off center and does not return to N while to either side i shift. I brought it into Subaru and after paying $135 bucks for an hour of work they said the cable needed adjusting, as it was badly off (per the paperwork and tech)

I hop in the car leave the dealer ship and the problem was not fixed. I go back take the tech for a ride and was able to replicate my shifting issue. Now the tech said i need a new shifter. I am a bit peeved now since the initial issue was supposed to be repaired but not. So its 380 for a new shifter and 65 bucks difference for the labor. No apologies for my inconvenience.

My question to you folks, has anyone had sticking shift issues like this?

Car has 52K miles, I am the original owner (3 miles on it new), and been driving standard since for 20+ years. I dont want to keep dropping money if its not the shifter and something else.
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