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2015 WRX "rough ride"

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(Reposting this to a few places, as the only previous suggestion was "go back to your tuner". Did this, had the car plugged in and drove for a solid 20 minutes, and all parameters were "perfect" with no notable issues, and of course the problem did not occur when I was there):

Car is still, on occasion, running rough (i.e. "bucking", misfiring?) when under light to moderate constant throttle at low cruising speeds. Still can't really identify any other triggers for the issue. Not throwing any CEL codes, and once I blip the throttle a bit, the issue stops. Car is basically FBO with a good tune at about 292HP. We've also monitored for cylinder noise and knock, and all figures are "normal". Attaching some recent shots of my Accessport gauges taken over the last few weeks after these drives, to maybe see if there are other ideas. I feel that the "AF Correction 1" swings are pretty large, so not sure if that indicates anything glaring. Thanks for the help crew.

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