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I'm looking at a possible rear strut tower brace - as a mount point for a rear subwoofer actually though... I don't feel much rear roll on the car already, does anyone have a rear STB, can you comment, was it any improvement? Or detriment because you may Want some rear roll to increase rear swingout?

IF it's a positive, even a small one, I will likely get one. Just lost a subwoofer to Velcro not holding the box quite well enough, completely shattered the sucker. I know looking for sound mount stuff isn't for this forum, I'm not looking here, I'm curious about the rear stb. I don't like the look of the l bracketted box down to that floating pad. So what the heck, if it's even some improvement!

TL:DR; rear STB: worth it or not?

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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