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Hello all,

Thought some folks on here might be interested to hear about my experience with a '15 WRX Premium 6MT after bumping past 200k.

When I bought this car new, I didn't expect to become a Subaru fan... Cars are just cars. Well, that's changed. The only "repair" I've had to do to this damn thing (for now... more later) is the AC compressor. Other than that, regular maintenance on oil changes and seafoam every few months. (Other fluids every 80k, plugs, coolant, serpentine at 160k.)

This car is terrific. It has never left me stranded, and still gets nearly 34mpg on the highway. Still has plenty of power, though fuelling at 5500 rpm is getting a bit rough. My technicians in Illinois will be pulling the intake system apart in the coming weeks for inspection and cleaning.

The clutch throwout bearing is finally starting to go, so this month it's getting a new clutch, pressure plate, bearing, etc...

6575 gallons of gas.
34 oil changes.
34 tire rotations.
8 sets of tires.
5 windshields. (Damn you Colorado and Utah gravel trucks!!!)
1 AC compressor.
1 Serpentine belt.
1 Set of plugs.
1 Set of brake pads. (Felt guilty so I changed them. They were good for another year.)
1 Owl stuck through the grill, and two other birds have met their demise on my front end.
... and soon to be 1 clutch assembly.

What an exceptional automobile.

Hey Subaru America, can I get a free hat or something?

Youtube link to quick video:



something else forever
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Excellent post! Will definitely be following you on YouTube for further information.

Thanks for the write up and review! :D

Hammerdown Mod of Thunder
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She has treated you well and proves with basic maintenance these cars will give you your moneys' worth.

Water.....sometimes waves
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Damn, do you own a house? Or sleep? I only have 85K on my 2015. Same here - i find seafoam is needed a couple times a year to keep the CEL from coming on for fouled O2 sensor. my rear brake pads went already but fronts are still OEM. No birds up front, just 1 coyote so far.....
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