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What's up gannnggstasss!?
Got for sale these bitchin' Nameless Performance Muffler deletes!
Some of the best quality you can get on the market today.

I opted to wait and ordered the burnt tip option, oh man did it suck waiting, I had wet dreams about these bad boys, but dang was it worth it, they look AMAZING!
They are in over all great condition, just need some cleaning up, you know how it is, these cars produce a lot of carbon build up and it shows! But once cleaned up they will sparkle and shine!

The sound is incredible as well, your neighbors will be super jealous of you and most likely stare at you, all the time, out of envy for your bad ass exhaust and sick Subaru!
Best part? They are made in the USA, that's right boys and girls, MURICA!
Anyways...I'm asking $300 SHIPPED! Thanks. ❤️

Oh and they are the double wall 3" neochrome/titanium tips!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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