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I am selling my Mishimoto Dual Catch Can kit for the 2015+ WRX (Model: MMBCC-WRX-15). It has 5k miles on it, and it comes with a brand new set of hoses and other items, still in their original packaging. See below for more details.

I am asking for $250 + Shipping (Or Local Pickup in Portland Oregon)

The Details:

There are 2 versions of the Mishimoto Dual Catch Can for the 2015 WRX (MMBCC-WRX-15), the Original, and Revised Version. They made revisions to the original to address issues with hose leaks the Original version was having on the PCV Side Hoses (Specifically the hose between the PCV Valve and the IN Port on the PCV Side Can.

No changes were made on the CCV Side Can or hoses in the Revised Version. The following changes were made on the PCV side of the Revised Version:

-The location of the PCV Side Can was changed from the Pass Side area, around the ABS Module, and moved to the Pass Headlight Area

-The Mounting Bracket for the PCV Can is different to fit in the new location

-Both PCV Side molded hoses were changed

-Both Fittings on the PCV Catch Can were changed, to accommodate the new hoses

The Mishimoto Dual Catch Can for the 2015+ WRX that I am selling is the Original Version. I ran it for about 5k miles, but then removed it after issues with the PCV hose leaking. I contacted Mishimoto Support, and they sent me a brand new set of all 4 hoses, for both the PCV and CCV side, however they sent me the ones for the Revised Version. After letting them know, they send me a new PCV side bracket and fittings, so it is basically the Revised Version now. I never got around to re-installing the kit after that, and I decided to sell them instead. I never removed the new parts they sent me out of their original packaging, so you are getting a lot of new parts with this kit. I also kept all of the original packaging that came with the kit. I will ship it all in the original boxes they came in, to ensure there will be no damage during shipping. So here is what you will be getting if you purchase the kit from me:

1. 2 Used Mishimoto Catch Cans for the 2015+ WRX, that have about 5k miles of use on them. They are both in very good condition, and only have a few minor blemishes, which can be seen in my pictures

2. 4 New Mishimoto Fittings for the Revised catch cans, still in the original packaging

3. 4 New Mishimoto Silicon Molded Hoses for the Revised Catch Can kit, still sealed in the original packaging

4. 1 Used Mishimoto CCV Side Bracket for the Catch Can. It does have some chips and blemishes, that are shown in the pictures

5. 1 New Mishimoto PCV Side Bracket for the Catch Can, still sealed in the original Packaging

6. 8 Used Mishimoto Hose Clamps, in good condition

7. The other misc hardware needed for the kit

I have very detailed pictures of everything included in the kit, but can get other pictures upon request. Also, I know that Subaru changed some connections on the CCV side on the 2017+ WRX’s, and this kit will work for them, but will take additional work to get it installed. Finally, I would recommend using thread tape when installing the fittings to the cans, as the fittings use NPT threads. Mishimoto doesn’t say you need to, but it should be used with all NPT threads. The plastic fittings also have a tendency to strip out, so be careful when installing them, and you may want to consider replacing them with aluminum or brass fittings, which can easily be sourced.

I have a gallery of 32 detailed pictures at the following location:

Here are some of them below:

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