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So I’ve never had any issues with my car ever and randomly my car shuts off while driving and blows the ignition fuse. I’ve been protuned for over 3 years and not one issue. I took it to the dealership after uninstalling my tune for them to look at it and they said it was “fine” and that nothing was wrong with the car. They thought that it might have been the power supply cable going to my Accessport which is 100% false and or the tune. I explained that it wasn’t either cause the fuse draws 12v with the key on the off position. I’ve changed the relay, coil packs, spark plugs and battery. Nothing seems to work. Someone please tell me they had this happen before and that it’s a simple fix that me and all these techs that have looked at my car are missing.

mod list:
Flex fuel (not tuned yet for)
Corsa exhaust
Invidia catless jpipe
Grimspeed boost controller
Perrin turbo inlet hose
Grimmspeed stealth intake
Killer b holy headers
Dual 40mm turbo smart wastegates
Turbo smart bov/recirculate
Aem fuel pump
Process west vert cooler
Southbend stage 3 daily clutch
Radium catch cans
Beatrush pitchstop
Bunch of other stuff
I have as you can tell a lot of money and time invested into this build with all the best parts you can get on this car. I just can’t understand out of no where this thing shutting off and blowing fuses left and right randomly. Nothing has changed electronically on the car for over 2 years.
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