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Hey guys I’m pretty new to this this is my first wrx.
So anyways I bought a 2015 wrx about a week ago and everything has been fine until a night or two ago I revved the car to head he blow off and the car revved down and shook really bad seemed like it wanted to die then revved to about 2000rpms then settled down. Since then it hasn’t happened but I do feel a little shimmy and shake sometimes and the rpm gage still flutters on cold start from 600-1500. What is normal idle rpm?
It is a 2015 wrx with 26,xxx miles. Keep in mind I do live in Illinois where it’s 10° here on avarage in the morning. Yes the car has a warranty yes the dealer wants me to bring it in but I just want to know if I am freaking myself out a little bit. And yes my model was part of a pre-ignition recall program but according to Subaru it’s been completed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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