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Okay so I have a 2015 Base WRX with around 61k on the odometer. My issue is that the cruise is non-functional, but I think I know what's causing the problem and just wanted some input to see if anyone has experience in repairing the issue or what kind of cost I can expect to fork out for if I have the dealer screw with it.
I work a weird rotating schedule so dropping the car off would not be ideal.
So here's the deal:
The "Set" and "Resume" function button (on the right of the wheel) is loose on the "+" half of the switch. No idea how it happened as I have kept the car parked and inactive except for weekend drives the last few months now that my DD is back on the road, and I don't recall it being an issue before. Anyway, last night on the way in to work I noticed that the cruise would set just fine, but about halfway to work (maybe 12 miles after I left home) the cruise started increasing the speed setpoint as though I were holding down the "+" switch even though I wasn't even touching it. I turned off the cruise and then turned it back on and everything seemed fine for a few miles. I figure that the switch needs to be replaced and shouldn't be too crazy expensive since it's not the whole set of wheel controls, but the problem escalated when my cruise disabled itself and now the on/off indicator (the mini speedometer with the arrow on it) is blinking steadily and I cannot turn the cruise on or make it stop blinking. There is no CEL active, and the car is not trying to randomly accelerate or decelerate so from a safety standpoint I think I'm good; but the cruise is completely non-functional. Also the car is not in any kind of limp mode and it is not limiting my revs or rate of acceleration.
The "set" and "resume" switch is still clicking properly on the "set" position, but the "resume" (+) feels like the switch behind the little toggle on the wheel is dislodged or partially broken.
I know that item needs replacing, but can anyone tell me if that's the most likely cause of the blinking on/off indicator or if I should be looking for something else along with the switch replacement?
Appreciate the assist in advance, everyone!
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