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Hey all, I have a 2015 wrx with an recently installed ACT HD street clutch and lightweight flywheel. I am having shudder(shaking) issues when my car is warmed up and taking off from a stop in first gear. After in gear there are no shudder issues.

Our install consisted of the following:
We started with detaching everything transmission, driveshaft, axles, ect. Got the transmission out and removed the clutch, pressure plate, bearing, flywheel. Cleaned all the surfaces with brake cleaner. Installed new bearing, pressure plate, clutch, and flywheel.(left the original clutch fork minimum but noticeable wear on it.) Cleaned the surfaces of the flywheel and pressureplate with brake cleaner, and used the purple ceram lube with the clutch to lube up the splines and other surfaces. Got everything installed and my friend made the mistake of putting the reluctor wheel on backwards, so car wouldn't start. I ordered a new reluctor wheel just In case, and tore everything down and replaced the reluctor wheel. Car started up fine, drove it casually(kind of babying it) for about 1000 miles. Shudder was noticed in that time frame and contacted act. They said it's probably not broken in yet. Have been driving it since (not my daily driver) have about 5000 miles on the clutch now, still notice judder in first gear coming from a stop. Contacted them within that time and they said it could be not be broken in still, some chemical got on the clutch surface, or flywheel could be slightly bent.

What do y'all suggest? I havnt gotten my car retimed since new reluctor wheel, and still have the original clutch fork. I don't know what to do from here. Help would be appreciated.

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