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2015 WRX Accessport has power but wont connect to ECU

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Well to start i have a 2015 WRX Stage 2. The other night i was leaving a friends house and i start my car then the AP. The AP brought up the loading screen then the gauges i have set up, but there were no values. My hill assist and abs and trac control came on(orange lights). I turned the car off then on with the Ap off and no lights, till i turn the AP on. What could be causing this? Please any help is appreciated. And if i try to bring up the tune menu is says verify ignition on when it is.
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I've been having kinda similar issue with mine, 16 limited cvt. Sometimes when driving the AP says that it needs to make sure the car is on. I'm working with Cobb and they just sent me a new cable, lets see....
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