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I searched for a while about replacing my brakes. I know our stock brakes are pretty good and actually held up really well on the NCM track in the rain. My 2017 STi has 38k and now that track day on the stock pads. So I called Subaru and 2015+ pads are 299 for the front and 239 for the rear. Then I got the part number and put that in Amazon. 218 for the front and like 179 for the rear. Cool a little less. So I decided to see what the typical auto parts store had and autozone has Brembos, But they were only like 85 bucks for the front and 60 for the rear so I was like can’t be as good of quality. So I set off to find the difference and wrote down both part numbers. Then I came across a Brembo catalogue. Typed in both numbers on it and the Subaru number auto corrected when the page loaded to the part number for Brembo. Autozone uses the part number from Brembo. So physically the dealership set of pads doesn’t have a cable like the ones at autozone do. That’s the only difference. Essentially they are same pad. I looked on amazon before I headed to the store. 60 bucks front. 39 for the rear. Distributor? Brembo. Autozone price matched them since they come from Brembo. Still have to be special ordered but I got brembo pads stock quality for 1/5th the price.

Dealership PN: 26296FE100 for front
Dealership PN: 26696FE000 for rear
Autozone PN: P54039N for front
Autozone PN: P56048N for rear
Brembo catalogue I used:

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