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2015+ Antenna Turn On Wire

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Hey everyone,

I have a '16 WRX Premium w/o HK system. Initially the radio reception was "okay" meaning it wasn't as good at holding HD channels as my '15 Legacy but it held it sometimes. I installed a Kenwood DDX9902s and I used the Metra 40-LX11 adapter for the antenna. I noticed with the new head unit, radio reception was worse than it was before. In my attempt to figure this out, I separated the connection between the antenna turn on wire from my head unit and blue wire on the Metra adapter. As I suspected, absolutely no difference. Upon further inspection, the factory antenna connector does NOT have a female slot for the male pin in the Metra adapter to connect to.

This leads me to wonder, where is the antenna turn on wire in this car and why is it not connected to the factory antenna connection?

Factory Connection

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Metra 40-LX11 adapter

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Figured it out. It's late and I'm tired. I was connecting the Metra adapter wire to the head unit wire, wondering why nothing was happening. The blue wire on the Metra adapter isn't even used. The antenna wire from the head unit needs to connect to the antenna turn on wire on the 10 pin connector. Soon as I connected this, every channel came in as HD.
Just got your PM and I never did connect this. Out of curiosity I looked a bit online and saw this: - Head Unit Installation with Subaru 20-pin Harness

It has a section on the antenna power. Did you end up using the same pin on the harness?
That was an interesting one. Had suggestions. But glad you figured it out.
Indeed interesting.

I don't have a 20pin adapter but yes, it's the same wire on my 10 pin adapter. I have a 10 + 6 pin breakaway harness and the 28pin extender. With an aftermarket unit I haven't even used the 6 pin extender surprisingly. My breakaway harness is honestly meant for aftermarket audio while retaining the OEM head unit but can be easily repurposed. When I connected this directly to the head unit's antenna amp wire, it was a complete night and day difference.
What pin was it on the 10 pin harness?

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I believe it was pin 8.
In the picture, it's the solid blue wire on the 10 pin.
I put a red arrow pointing to it.

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ah nice.

On the DDX have you had issues with the clock not staying in sync after you turn off the car?

I've given up on the clock on my radio. It doesnt keep the time.
Honestly I've never set it. Whenever I'm in my car I'm 8/10 using Car Play which has the phone's time on the screen. If I'm listening to the radio, I don't look at the head unit for the time since the screen next to the HVAC screen shows it.
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