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Hey guys first post here.

Bought a 14 wrx with 11,xxx miles on it this past April from a popular Subaru dealer near me in NY. 1 owner before me and did rountine oil changes every 3k. Clear car fax.I just hit about 20,000 in my car and today I noticed a noise coming from under my hood, sounded like a belt (almost like squeaking or bird chirping) at first but when I engage the clutch even in the slightest bit it the noise goes away completely. After some research I think it’s safe to say it’s the throw out bearing? I purchased the additional Subaru gold warranty at the time of purchase but I know it doesn’t cover the actual clutch but covers other parts of the clutch. My questions are,is this a common problem? I’m assuming it’s from moisture + it getting cold out. Is it worth fixing? Not really trying to spend a bunch fixing it. Would the dealer cover it under warranty? I also put some grease against my clutch fork and it seemed to go away for a couple mins.I am under the assumption it’s not a big deal, but I’ve read it’s an expensive fix. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post; not entirely sure where I was supposed to post this. Also trying to attach a video! Thanks for any help/advice! Appreciate it
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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