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2013 WRX stock not idling correctly

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Newbie owner here,

2013 Impreza WRX with all stock parts. 80k miles on it

This all started when I was driving on the highway and my engine shut off completely which also took out the power steering. I had it towed to the dealer but after a week of checking it they said it was fine. Fast forward 3 weeks and the same thing happened following a code for P0300 (random misfire). I drove it home instead of to a mechanic because it was the weekend. The whole time it felt ok but wouldn't respond too well to the throttle and when idling it would dip way low on rpms and shudder a bit. Also when turning the car on it'll turn but it wont start the engine right away. I have to try a few times. Is this textbook misfiring? I've read the whole post about engine misfires and have crossed a few things off the list but I wanted to make sure before I park the car for a week to check all those items off.

Here's a video of the idling when I rev it.

Thanks in advance!
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Lots of reasons to ur issue. Could be a bad plug or maf is dirty, unplugged hose going to the intercooler or bpv. Check all your vacuum lines first. Then clean your maf.

If that's not working change ur spark plugs
I'm going to lean towards vacuum leak, or boost leak.

Some places of interest based off of my personal experiences. Ic to throttle body hose, turbo inlet, the airbox hose not mounted to the turbo inlet correctly, or not clamped shut, leaks around the tgvs, or a dirty maf sensor.

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Cleaned the MAF sensor and ran some injector cleaner through. I had replaced the spark plugs a few months ago so I knew that wasn't it. I also checked all the hoses and they looked good. The idling is feeling a lot better but it felt fine after I got it back from the dealership as well so time will tell. What are tgvs?
Tumble generator valves. They sit between the plastic intake runner and the block. They are closed when cold to help better atomize the fuel into the air. They tend to leak around the gaskets and valves.

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