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Rolled the bearings in my '13 WRX wagon. It's still stock. I've only owned the ride for a few months. So this was a major bummer. Just slapped a new clutch in but at 70K that's expected. Engine rebuild is beyond my pay grade, so I was sourcing an engine to do the swap. Lots of good stuff on the facebook communities. HOwever, I ran across an old article about how their was a class action lawsuit on Subaru for these 2.5L engines. Anyway the settlement was to extended the warranty to 8 years 100K miles.

I called my local dealer he ran the VIN and yes it still works. They reported my specific car was covered thru dec 2020. They got the car and ordered a new short block and will cover the repair under warranty.

Wow. Let's say I'm feeling good today.

Now I'm trolling the forums for mods / maintenance I can do to prevent future issues. For sure will check oil all the time and change with high quality full synthetic every 3K miles. Happy to hear any suggestions.
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