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2013 WRX making noise on first gear

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Okay so about a month ago I took my car to get a new clutch installed(stage 2 Exedy) when I got my car back everything was cherry besides some roughness out of first gear which I assume was normal. Now....... I been hearing this whine or squeak comming out of the car when releasing the clutch on first gear, it only does it on that gear the rest is perfect if anyone has any ideas of what it can be please let me know 馃槶馃槶
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Is it squeeking in the pedal or in the clutch
Is it squeeking in the pedal or in the clutch
From the clutch I鈥檒l see if I can post a
That sounds like clutch chatter. You didn't smoke the thing did you? It happens but on a new clutch it can mean disaster.

Personally it doesn't sound like a throw out bearing as those tend to rattle without movement
What do u mean smoke?I threw a rod and rebuild my whole engine the dude recommended I do a new clutch since he has it open. My car is a 13 with only 50k miles on it I don鈥檛 abuse it I don鈥檛 drive my car much either
Like slip the hell out of it and over heat it?

Some friction materials also make more noise than others.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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