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2013 WRX Limited Hatchback

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I'm seriously considering a 2013 WRX, but would like to know what things i should be aware of with this year group, I understand that the head gasket is something to be aware of, the only suggestion I've read to mitigate this is ensuring to flush the radiator fluid according to the mfg specs. any advice would be appreciated

Also, I am considering transferring the stock floor subwoofer from my dead 2007 legacy to the WRX, has anyone done this before?

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Never heard of any head gasket issues on 08+.
Just test drove the WRX, noticed studdering/hesitation ~3500-4000 rpm, off the line the acceleration seemed like the car had much less torque and HP than I would have imagined, plus side, it has a short throw shifter.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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