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New Member but had this car for a while now...

I am the second owner of a 2013 WRX Premium, bought it from a close friend in 2014 with approx. 17k on it at the time. Car was/is bone stock but had a factory full stainless exhaust added on the build sheet.
At about 28K miles on it (2/2015) my engine had a catastrophic failure. Rod bearing went out. They (Subaru) warrantied it no questions asked with a new short block rotating assembly, oil pump, pick-up and the like for a turbo car job.

Get the car back, break it in how they tell me, runs fine for quite some time. Go to Atlanta for about a month for work and threw a code while giving it some juice onto the freeway. Turbo starts pulling hard then the whole car shuts-off turns back on. Call a dealership down there to take it in but am told they have no loaners at the time and I would have to wait. So, I just turn the car on-off a few times and the code clears itself. Whatever, its fine to me at this point cause I don't want to keep messing with it while out of town and not being able to have a car.

Make it back home and one night while getting on the freeway yet again, have the code show and the car do its shut down-start up at speed like before. I'm thinking damn, I need to get this thing looked at for once. Took my friend to work the next morning and thats when I hear it...rod bearing is going. Limp the car home cause I was at the time in the middle of downtown. Get to the house and I know its trashed, she was trying to shut down on me with RPMS below 3k. Get it towed to the dealership and they confirm, at 34k (7/22/2015) miles she let loose a con rod bearing again and metal was littered in the bottom end.

Still warrantied they call and replace said bottom end with just a short block rotating assembly this time. No oil pump, screener or pick-up. I honestly don't know what their oiling system consist of but whatever. Get the car back, break that motor in as described and life is good.

Car drives many 2 hour one way trips from this point on and a few 8-10 hour one wayers here and there. Not hammering on it but not diving it like an old lady too. It is in fact a WRX right?

So, at 61,200 miles (3/20/17) this motor finally has said I had enough too. Rod bearing yet again. Call Subaru, tell them whats up, I'm 1,200 miles out of warranty what should I do...tow it to the dealership on their advise because she says I have a good leg to stand on noting the car's history.

Well I'm in a different state than where it was bought and had two different dealerships work on it on the past two instances just because I relocated to different areas, and the DPSM out here doesn't want to mess with it even though its on his turf. Call Subaru HQ they first tell me its out of warranty and blah blah blah. I brought up the fact that this car has a history, didn't have any of the oiling system replaced last time and that this is just bull over 1k miles. I had to send them all the copies of the warranty work orders and receipts of the oil and filters I bought for the changes. I am lucky enough that I was employed as a commercial mechanic for a little while and still have access to a fully stocked commercial fleet shop with lifts and the whole 9 yards. They were less than thrilled that I did the servicing and want hardcore proof other than bank statements that show purchases. 2 of the 5 actual receipts I was able to dig up but they still don't care. Finally get ahold of someone a little up the food chain at HQ and they tell me if I authorize the tear-down on my dime we can go from there. If a bearing is spun or already eaten away how are they going to tell me its my fault or theirs with a straight face? I just want them to fix the damn thing.

Has anybody experienced this or have advice on what to do? It is still sitting at the dealership out here as of now. I have to go back where I'm originally from at the end of the month and might trailer it back to the original dealership and tell them its gonna sit here till someone finds a solution to my problem.

Just FYI first two motors ran Mobile1 in them with changes every 5-7k with WIX oil filters.
Third motor ran Royal Purple 5-7k on the changes again with WIX.

This thing was my daily that was able to scoot around when I needed to.

Thanks for help or info in advance.
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