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2013 tuned WRX sedan, sold as is for parts, $7500 Asheville, NC

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My Subaru (2013 wrx with lots of work done to the engine---it has a second stage turbo kit, an access port with different modes including a killer economy mode and a beastlike sport mode, it is actually quite a bit faster than *even the newest* stock STI!! The 14.2 psi turboed, 2.5 liter boxer engine pushes about 320 hp, 332 ft/tq, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, and coming off the turbo, literally over 20 psi! For a pretty darn affordable price tag, I honestly don't think any stock engine could beat it's 0-60 time until you get up past like 70k. That car was a BEAST, and looked pretty much like a stock wrx besides a few Cobb stickers, until she took off ?)

the car was flipped, but did not hit anything just flipped on its lid and slid on the road then it was towed home.

Engine started and ran after the wreck. lots of good parts including complete drivetrain, suspension and many more parts that can be salvaged.

must be towed away in one piece, the neighborhood association is pushing us to get rid of the car so make an offer!! I i had the time and a garage i'd part it out and make alot more, our loss is someones gain!!

here is the link to the craigslist add.

2013 wrx tuned, wrecked 8,000 O.B.O. PRICE DROP
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What exhaust? I guess more specifically from the catback, I see a cobb dp, but did the rest survive or is it destroyed

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the exhaust is the stock wrx exhaust after the cat, it is all in tact as far as I can tell.
Do you have the front inner wheel wells and engine splash guard?
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