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Hey everyone! I just ordered a 2012 WRX last week. I am so excited to get it. Can someone point me in the direction to create a signature for my posts please? I haven't been able to find where to create one yet.

I have been surfing the forums for about 2 months now to get information on many things and have been very pleased to see how informative many of the threads have been and also how helpful people have been to each other.

My car history is a short one. My first was a 2000 Ford Focus SE 5spd. My family bought it used April 2004. It was a fun little car. Second car is my current 2011 Impreza 2.5i Premium 5spd. It's very nice but there just isn't the kind of aftermarket support that I like to have so I am upgrading to the WRX. Plus an extra 95 hp is gonna be a lot more fun for me.

A little about me:
I went to college for a while but wasnt getting anywhere so I am currently working full time as a bank teller. I am paying off loans and saving up money so mods to my car will be fairly limited for a while. I like to socialize a bit so ask me some questions and I'll have some answers!

P.S. is the signature settings under Forum Actions > General Settings? I'm going to explore that when I get home from work.

P.P.S. (i think that is the correct one) Can someone direct me to the iPhone app for the forums?

Thanks all! Glad to be a member here!:thumbup:

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Welcome to the forum.

1. signature settings

In the drop down in Forum Actions(upper left) ,click on "General Settings"."edit signature" will be on the left side in "My settings".

2.We have tap talk.
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