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My 2012 WRX had the belts replaced probably 2-3 years ago, and I want to say it was shortly after I noticed this issue, but I cannot be for certain because I can't remember. I have definitely neglected this issue for a while.

I'll link the video at the end. Only happens when the car is first started, but it does not matter what the temp is outside. I'll start to drive, (usually in reverse, but I have witnessed it in gear as well) and as soon is the wheel is turned, there is a loud squeaking and the wheel is very difficult to turn. Really feels like I have no power steering at all. If I keep steering, it will eventually fade out. Usually I will stop and wait for a second, then it will go away and I do not notice it until the next time it has a cold start.

Decided to go out this morning and video it. The pulley I believe to be the power steering pulley will completely stop and "skip" as soon as I start to turn the wheel. In the video, I start the car, turn the wheel and hold it turned for a second, return it to straight and that is when the squeaking stops, then I turn again and there is less squeaking but still squeaks. You can definitely notice the pulley stopping when it turns.

Seen a couple posts related to this, but have not seen anyone say that the pulley stops.

I want to say maybe the belt was not tightened all the way, but it does not seem what I would consider to be loose. It almost seems like the pump is just giving up. In other posts I saw someone say something could cause a dead battery, and I did have this trouble not too long ago, but never again since. One of the cells in the battery went bad I believe. Checked the new battery this morning and I do have acid buildup on the positive terminal, could be completely unrelated though.

Thanks guys!
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