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2012 WRX Audio Planning Phase

I don't know why I am torturing myself with an audio pre-planning build log, as today is the only day I had more than a few hours of free time since the tax return influx began at my part-time CPA firm. But anyhow, I guess I will state my plans. I am planning on purchasing a Double DIN HU of some sort and a Mosconi DSP 6to8 for my processor.

I already own some Soundstream Reference RF3.6C component speakers with a smaller Eclipse tweeter. My plan is to mount the tweeter in the stock location and the mid in the pillar:

I also have some a pillars out of a crashed Impreza:

and here is a closeup of the mid and a pillar:

For amplifiers, I'll probably power the mid and tweet with a Lunar L450 and my midbass drivers with a Lunar L100x2 or L2125. For subs, I plan on using some of those credence clearence subs fired through the pass through with an old school servo drive and either an Orion 275SX or Orion 280GX bridged to the subs. The servo drive will allow me to place each 10 in .36 cubic feet net sealed and have them perform as if they are in the proper sized ported enclosure. Think of it as a Linkwitz transform circuit that goes one step further by applying negative feedback to the input stage of the amplifier while it is compensating for the less than ideal enclosure.

If that doesn't work to my liking, I also have a Digital Designs 1508 and a Digital Designs 510 that I can use instead along with a Lunar L2200 that I can bridge to them. I like my Louisiana manufactured amplifiers!

My goal is to make the subwoofer somewhat easy to remove since I use the pass through about 4 times a year to bring things home. I may just start borrowing a friend's truck, lol. Although time is short right now, at least I can refer back to my photos and keep my eye on the goal to make it past April 15th so I can start building my audio setup. While making the money may be torture right now, spending it after April 15 should be enjoyable!
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