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2012 hatch dash vibrations

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I've got a 2012 wrx hatchback and there is a slight vibrating resulting in a buzz from the dash on the flat spot under the clock/temp/mpg display. If I put a bit of pressure on it with a fingertip it stops. Is there a way to shim under there to stop this? I'm not sure I want to pop off the dash myself unless it's a relatively simple process. It's also not that annoying as I only hear it when there's no music on.
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I have a '13 Hatch and just recently went through the entire dash and rear trim to eliminate various rattles. I used some rubber-foam strip I found at Home Depot and applied it (usually one or both sides has adhesive) to the back sides of each trim piece where the piece butts up against the window or clock or head unit etc.

Unfortunately for the clock trim piece you are talking about, it is screwed into the main dash. You might be able to get to the screws by taking out the head unit, I'm not sure. However, if you get some thin rubber foam tape, you should be able to work some of it in between the two pieces to the point where the rattle stops. Hope this works.
This is an old thread, but may as well contribute since my 2012 WRX hatchback had a very similar issue (the buzz was a pretty high pitch - not a rattle - almost high pitched enough to sound like it was coming through the speakers).

I wedged a piece of rubber between the top of the head unit (this is very easy to get to by removing the trim around the HU) and the underside of that flat spot on the dash in front of the clock. I also duct-taped a loose wire inside there, and did the common A-pillar foam mod to quiet the rattle caused by the slight gap between the A-pillar and the dash plastic. I'm not actually sure which of these things did it, but together they stopped the rattling and buzzing up front.
I had a similar issue. I found that it was the a pillar plastic covers.

i pulled those covers off to find out that they were rubbing together, creating a chattering noise. put some black on the pillar hooks. and it fixed the noise.
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