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2011 WRX Tires

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So its time to start thinking about new tires, this will be the first set that I put on the car. Checked to see what brand was on the car and the size and then the confusion set in....

Online and Car recommends: 234/45R17

Car currently has: 205/50R17

Is there any reason to do this?

Is there any harm in keeping them on until they need to be replaced or do they need to be replaced now?

Any thoughts will be appreciated! Land vehicle Vehicle Car Subaru impreza wrx sti Subaru
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I had 205/50/17 on my '08 stock. That's not stock size for an '11, but will work. I up-sized to 225/45/17.
205 is fine for winter tires and possibly better. If you want summer tires, I'd go for the wider ones.
What does your door jam sticker show for stock size?
Welcome, by the way.
My bad ... typed it wrong in first message .... it recommends 235/45R17

The winter thing makes sense then ... Original owner lived in Wisconsin but now I live in Alabama, so no real winter anymore.
Then I would stick with that size unless you want to change to 18s and go 245/40/18 like the STI has for that year which will fit fine. Alabama? Get some nice proper summer tires as long as you're not driving in snow and it's not below 45 outside.

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Awesome, thanks for responding!

Weather wise, they rarely get snow down here that lasts more than an hour or two on the ground but for temperatures there are probably 2-4 months out of the year that I could be driving below 45 degrees outside to work in the morning.
It wouldn't hurt to keep some winter tires on hand then. Summer tires are not meant for anything below 45. If you're dealing with such weather now, then I'd wait for the season to change. I'd at least look at all seasons for winter months if you're current tires are worn. You don't want summer tires even in a light frosting of snow. Here in Michigan I do summers from April-Nov. Obviously you have different temps down there.
I drove down to Huntsville to visit a friend road trip.

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