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(2011 wrx) So here is my problem....every time i shift gears
(even if the car is just ready from a warm up or has been driven for an hour)
i feel the shift hitting something on the side as u can c
on the diagram that's exactly how it feels
when i shift going in to first it hits the right side and then goes in fully.... same with the second gear. 3d goes in smooth
90% when its almost at the end it feels like it hit something. 4th smooth 5th smooth

When I shift i shift slow sometimes fast depends how i feel.
All the problems seem to go away when i push the car...
but later on its back again.
I live in Schaumburg if any
one lives around the area (20m) i will gladly drive/meet with you for a test drive
and you can c for ur self :D
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