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2011+ sti pinks on wrx

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Hello. I own a 2014 wrx sedan. I have been researching the past week with Google trying to find anyone that has put sti pinks on this year modle. All I've been able to find is 2010 and less and mostly 2008 and under.
I have away bars installed with kartboy endlinks.
My next investment will be springs and brakes.
What I want to achieve is a stiffer spring without that much drop. I don't want rce blcks or yellows because I don't want a inch to 1.5 drop and I belive they will be too stiff for Louisiana roads. So i was gonna go with pinks. But from my research that I've been able to find from Google tells me they did not man a usdm sti pink spring for wrx and you have to buy jdm. So my question is has anyone done this and if so where did you buy then and what struts are you using.
If I cannot get their springs is there another brand? I looked up king rally springs but do not want to lift my car either. Any help would be appreciated. Or if there is a link on this site mabe I missed?
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Do the sti injectors have any more flow? I didn't think they did on the engines with the vf52

Nevermind I was somewhere else when I read that. I'm not sure about the springs. I have seen mention of jdm springs, but they are not going to match the dampening for your stock dampers and I don't know if the sti struts are a direct swap.

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I dont think the struts swap directly over so I was gonna get new struts. I just didn't know if anybody has actually used them or not
You're mistaken about RCE Blacks. The drop is almost non-existent. They sound like exactly the spring you're looking for. They're aptly known as the "Regular Guy" Spring, for a reason.
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