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I am looking for one of these bad boys. I want a nice exhaust sound but SPT is too much for me. Heard a freinds 2011 before he sold it and I want the 2011 exhaust. The sound has to do with the midpipe, the resonator to be specific. I am also after the stock look otherwise i'd have a guy fab one up for $XXX?

If you have a 2011 and have an aftermarket exhaust let me know. I'm willing to drive into the next state to get it, I am currently in minneapolis MN. I could also give you my midpipe (which is basically a cat back exhaust minus 2 mufflers) so that if you ever need to go back to stock (when you sell the car) you can do so. I'd also offer some cash as well. PM or text if you have any info leading to the purchase of a 2011 sedan exhaust.

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