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2011-2014 "WRX" and "STI" embroidered Canadian-spec floor mats. #SCI440B212/217

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SOLD: 2011-2014 "WRX" and "STI" embroidered Canadian-spec floor mats. #SCI440B212/217

Got something special for you guys today.

2 sets of Canadian-spec OEM 2011-2014 WRX/STI embroidered floor mats. BRAND NEW and still in plastic bags.

The Canadian guys got these stock on their rides while we here in the good ol' US got our crappy generic ones. Both driver/passenger side are embroidered and have a slightly durable heel guard.

Rear mats are plain just like our stocks, but offer a small bit more coverage than our standard USDM mats.

(1) set of white "WRX" embroidered mats.

(1) set of red "STI" embroidered mats.

Here is a photo of the rear mats with a USDM all-weather floor mat on top to show that these have a slight bit more coverage.

Comes with a small bag of hardware which includes some rubber spacers and a metal bracket (in case you lost your stock one).

#SCI440B212 - STI Floor mats.
#SCI440B217 - WRX Floor mats.

Asking $100 + shipping. Shipping may be a bit expensive considering the weight, but i'll do my best.
These are stateside, so shipping will definitely be cheaper than getting them from Canada.
Can't get these anywhere in the USA as far as I know.

Also willing to meet up somewhere local in SoCal. (SGV, or OC)

Will not part out.
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Bump. Still have one set of WRX mats.
WRX mats still available for pickup/dropoff.
If you need to replace your stock mats, these are perfect. Comes with heel guard. Remember, these are OEM Subaru!
Weekend bump. These mats are much nicer than the USDM mats by far.
Anyone need replacements? Still got a set of WRX mats.
Weekend bump. These are ready to be shipped or picked up.
Weekend bump. These are ready to be shipped or picked up.
How much to ship to 01604?

Let me know!

PM me. Ready to buy.
These are all sold guys, thanks!
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