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Welcome to the Club! I also drive a 2010 wrx. With that many miles I would go through all the general maintnence parts. New tranny, diff fluid, plugs, Also I would check and make sure the 65k service was done. CHeck your fuel pump and make sure the filter/pump doesn't need changing. Also you're creeping up on the timing belt service 105k. I personally have 85k on my wrx, and will be as soon as my warranty runs out in the spring being going ahead and replacing the timing belt, water pump and all that myself, as I don't wanna wait longer to do it. Also if you haven't I would get a compression test done at the least just to ensure your motor is healthy. Otherwise if all the general stuff is up to date and your motor is healthy, maintain regular oil changes which im sure you will, being a Honda tech. And the car should last another 92k!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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