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Hi everybody. So, I'm looking to buy a new car. My previous car was a legacy gt . So, my options at the moment are:
2010 WRX hatchback. It's got new clutch and water pump. Decent condition. Manual. 100k miles

2008 is250 awd 70k miles, very clean conditions. Automatic.

I might be able to get a 350 with similar year and mileage as the 250.

The things I need from my car:
Power duh, I'm not a racer, but coming off the 270hp lgt, I'm a bit spoiled.

Room, again, coming off the wagon, I like to have some extra room to throw stuff in the back, but this isn't really a requirement.

AWD I don't get much snow in my area, but lots of hills, and a good awd would be very helpful.

Luxury, I'm no princess, but nice interior is a nice interior, period.

IMPORTANT: the car HAS to be reliable. I want to drive the car, not fix it. Because of that I'm kinda scared to get the WRX, since my lgt engine went out.

What are your guy's thoughts?
Both cars are around 9k. Looking to spend plus minus 10k
If you have other models in mind, let me know. Thanks

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Used bmws can go for a fair price. If you can find an e60 550i in good condition with the manual it will scream. It'll be dirt cheap too. Most of the body is aluminum so look underneath and closely under the hood for rust areas. It's faster than any road in the us is designed to handle.

Avoid the turbo models. They tend to have the more expensive end of the repair spectrum.
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