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Here we go again...
2010 wrx sedan
Just over 100k mIles
Trans was rebuilt under warranty at 80k (center different and 1st,2ndgear, and synchros)

So anyway, I've been hearing a noise at 50 to 60mph whether in gear or not or on gas or not. Wasn't a big problem until I just went on a trip now it's got a grumbling noise. It isn't like when the difference went. I can coast from 50 to a stop in neutral and hear the noise slow down in speed with the car
I just had my head gaskets done and water pump,timing belt etc. But it doesn't go with engine speed. I'm trying to figure out a game plan but idk what bearings to order. As far as diagnosis everything I search is gear/acceleration/differential related. I'm thinking input shaft bearing. Anyone have these go on a 5mt?
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