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2009 WRX Hatch with High mileage - needs opinion

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I have dilemma here & just want to get some opinion. My 2009 WRX Hatch has 250k miles, all stock with slight imperfect exterior & cracked windshield. I am planning to purchase a new WRX. Would you drive the 2009 till it die & donate it or try to sell it and get something back as down payment toward the new WRX? I wanna to see if anyone would buy with such a high mileage and swap out/rebuilt the engine. The car stills run well & use it as work commute. How much would be fair?
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I would call your insurance and have the windshield replaced. I would get a really nice detail and talk to them about paint safe dent removal people they trust to pull out what they can.

I would then sell the car privately and grab use the cash to help buy a new car. no way would i trade it in. there is no such thing as a fair price for our cars. people will pay stupid prices for them for little to no reason.

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talk to them about dentless paint removal people
My bad tired fixed it

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I agree with xjman...fix the window and get it detailed. Forget book value as people just want a WRX and will overlook the miles because it's all they can afford. I have 250 k on mine as well and take great pride in leaving much newer cars in the rearview. I also love no car payment, I enjoy improving my car rather than watching a brand new one go downhill.
All that said without seeing or driving your car I'd list it between 6-7k depending on condition. Current inspection and good tires and no engine lights go a long way when selling. Fix the window and get a detail and list it for a week or two and see what happens. Good luck
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