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We are proud to introduce the First US Available 2008 WRX (GH8) Coilover system.

Cusco Zero-2E

With all the same benefits and features as the Zero-2 coilover, the Zero-2E adds the option to electronically control the shock adjustment from inside the car. Utilizing the E-Con (sold separately), you can select what stage (of 5) you want the shock set at. With great features such as:

- Electronically controlled shock adjustment (w/ E-Con)
- Pillowball upper mounts
- Adjustable shock casing
- Independent adjustable spring perch
- Stainless steel thread body
- Stainless steel case lock nut
- Stainless steel spring perch/lock nut
- Specially coated lower bracket

Fits perfectly for any style driving. The advanced design features 5-stages of shock adjustment that exhibits incredible performance!

Front Springs: 8K
Rear Springs: 8K

Create a comfortable ride for your passengers. Too stiff? Comfort is just a button away. No more frustrated passengers!

Larger size pillowball used in the upper mounts. Endures through the hardest drives!

Height adjustment and spring pre-load are designed to be adjusted independently. Lower your car with the adjustable shock casing while retaining the overall shock stroke. Set the spring pre-load to your desire and feel the difference in driving and traction.

Cusco developed a new shock absorber for the Zero-2E that further reduces friction resistance of the dampening force to achieve high performance with the vehicle lowered.

New design: Side port rotary valve
New: Reduced friction piston
New oil reducing cavitation
New material: Special steel for piston valve shim

Worried about rust? No problem with the Zero-2E’s stainless steel lock nuts, lower seat, and threads. With the external cylinder and threads being stainless steel, adjusting the height will be smooth. The lower bracket/case has a new special coating as well. The internal as well as the external surface has been coated.

These are the only sets available in the country, so contact us to order yours today!
Zero-2E MSRP 2,260.00,Special Introduction price 2,147.00 Shipped!

Cusco E-Con E Controller

Cusco's new electronic dampening controller will allow you to have full dampening control from the comfort of your seat. With a push of a button you can go from full soft to full hard. No more getting dirty trying to adjust the coilovers on your car when you go from the street to the track.

E-Con MSRP 460.00, Introductory Price 437.00


801-748-4910 ext 1006
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