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2008 WRX 5 speed in a 2004 WRX

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I have owned my 2004 WRX wagon for about a year now and it has grinded into 3rd every time. I recently bought a 2008 WRX wagon from a buddy of mine as a parts car and want to know how compatible the 2 transmissions are? I have the full drivetrain so if I need the rear diff/axles/hubs its not a big deal. I'm just wondering if there are any issues with the locations of bolts lining up or spacing for the release bearing etc.
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Not a direct answer but try different gear oils, 3rd has been a subaru problem for a while. If it works, much easier than a swap.
Transmission ID Chart_Public.pdf (

Different transfer ratio - you would need to install both the R160 and the transmission together.

There were some changes between pull clutch and push clutch. I don't remember which one got which though.
Well ChatGPT told me that the WRX has always used a pull-type and the STI 6MT is push. Take that with whatever grain of salt you need...
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