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I've moved your thread to the appropriate subsection.

SickSubi said:
too much to list
You're looking to sell your car, but you're not willing to put together a comprehensive list?

My advice would be to do some reorganization of everything that's done to the car (a run-on sentence like that won't attract anyone), include pictures of the vehicle, and mention the location of the vehicle.

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I cant even get myself to read through that post. I would personally never buy a car that the seller didn't put the effort into even making the post readable.

My wrx back to stock part out thread was much more organized, with pictures. Update this post and put some effort and pics in with it if you want a chance of selling.


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This is the world's worst for sale ad.

Itemize the parts you have on the car.

Post pictures of the car.



Post your location.

As of right now I can't even read the ad, it says you're selling a "WAX" and it makes my head hurt. Sounds like a nice car, though.. Good luck!!!
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