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2007 WRX strut/spring options

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Hey guys newbie to the forums. Looking for help with deciding on a spring/strut setup for my 2007 WRX TR sedan.

It originally had stock struts with Prodrive blue springs before I swapped everything out for Apexi N1 Coilovers. The coilovers were a mistake and I hate them to no end.

I'm sure there are plenty of threads about his already but googling through all of them I still can't come up with a definite answer/decision. I've seen many people recommend the Tokico D-spec with RCE yellows but I don't want to buy the spacers and top hats needed to make them work on my car. Looking for a good strut that will be a direct bolt on and be able to handle the RCE yellows or I may possibly reuse the old Prodrive blues. I feel like the Prodrive springs don't lower the car enough but maybe larger wheels and lowering camber plates could help with that? Not looking for slammed or anything. Just that "perfect stance" so the car is still functional.

I should also mention my current wheels are Rota Boosts 17X8.

Bring on the suggestions! And pictures of setups too please. I appreciate it!
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