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Hey guys! So I'm going to be getting a cobb access port for my car soon, but after I get that I want to start planning some bigger things. I was thinking first to get an intake and next an exhuast.

My question is about the exhaust I've heard a lot about if you do a catless downpipe you will have over boost issues so I was wondering what would be the best option to make good power but sound good. I already have a magnaflow axle back muffler, but I wanted to cut the resonater out and leave the cats in, and also get a down pipe. So would I be avoiding overboost doing that? Or should I leave the resonater as well?

Let me know what you think and if you have any exhuast recommendations for me let me know!

Thanks, Robbie
Hey Robbie, I actually made a 101 style video for tuning/mods on my youtube channel. Check that out if you'd like.
I do suggest against going catless... I would stay catted with a 3 port EBCS to keep boost consistent and linear avoiding any overboosting, boost creep etc.

The rest of the exhaust is up to your personal preference. Personally I like a very quiet exhaust which is why i'm running the Q300... I found the other 3 exhaust setups I tried had way too much drone for me. So be weary of that when cutting out resonators/mufflers.

EDIT: I misread 2007 for 2017... but the idea is still the same
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