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2007 Stock STI no power

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2007 STI completely stock I am the original owner with about 87k miles. I do hit 7.9 psi and I just don't feel any of the power as boost riases. It feels like a whole and mostly goes away after 3500 and is the worst starting at 2500 RPM. Also it happens in 2nd gear and higher.

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What have you checked so far if anything

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8-9 PSI is wastegate spring pressure. Could be bad solenoid or issue with the lines.
Not much only general checks, I was trying to figure out where to start, so far:
- air filter as I thought there was a chance a garage mouse may have packed it with paper
- Checked boost with gauge and then bought OBD II reader to verify boost was coming in correctly
- New fuel, Not drained but added
- Checked for any leaks or other issues
- Checked to see if any codes were being thrown but not reported on dash
- Exhaust residue
-- I noticed that I am getting more soot (black) in the tail pipe, however I cant see it while driving and it could be because i am trying to reproduce to watch sensors
-- Also noted fuel economy is way down, between 10-15 MPG, so not sure if there is an issue with fuel system
8-9 PSI is wastegate spring pressure. Could be bad solenoid or issue with the lines.
Ok I can check the lines, and see if there are any issues there, and possible replace the solenoid. I thought boost was supposed to be higher but convinced myself that I just forgot once I saw the boost stick pretty hard at 7.9-8 psi.
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