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SO i have been tackling a overheating issue in my 06 wrx. i bought the car used from a lot in august. just under 1,000 miles my thermostat went out causing the radiator to also go out. since replacing those parts i've had overheating issues. recently i changed out the thermostat and gasket again because i got the wrong parts. with a more reliable parts shop giving me the right parts and this morning was the first time going over 60mph since bleeding the air and refilling the radiator with Subaru spec coolant. Now I am at a loss because as soon as i started driving hard it started overheating but it didnt reach its peak, only went to about the 2/3s mark. i am at my wits end because i dont have the money right now to replace the head gasket so I ask these questions.

1. How likely is it the water pump before the head gasket?

2. I did not add the Subaru radiator additive as ive been reading mixed reviews from lesser forums saying it does and does not work and its a scam.

3. If it indeed is the head I am wanting to take the car back to the dealership. I have no experience in doing so and it didnt come with any warranty options so i am not sure if i can do that at this point. So if possible can I take it back? i havent even driven 3,000 miles yet.

Edit #1 I just noticed im ridiculously low on oil, getting an oil change now to see if thats the issue.

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Did the oil change help?

I'd suspect something other than the head gasket on a WRX if it hasn't badly overheated. You can look for oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil (it will be frothy and milky). Now if it were my wife's Outback that would be another story. I'd go with replacing the water pump and making sure you have good circulation first.
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