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2006 Saabaru / Stage 2 + Extras / 108,570 miles / $11K

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2006 Saabaru / Stage 2 + Extras / 108,570 miles / $9K *NEW PRICE

2006 Saabaru 9-2X Aero (2.5L) in Bloomington, IL. Super rare...~33 Saabarus with the 2.5L in the USA as far as I know.


Mileage: 108,570
Transmission: 5 Speed

Corbin Johnson Stage 2 Tune
Step-Colder Plugs
Invidia Catted DP
Blitz Nur Spec R (w/ silencer included)
K&N Drop-In Filter
SPT Heat Shield
Turbo Blanket
Kartboy Pitch-stop
Group N Engine Mounts
Engine Coolant Plug-In Warmer
Oil Pan EZ release valve (makes oil changes incredibly easy)

Group N Transmission Mounts
MoMo short throw shifter

RallyArmor Mudflaps
Tinted Windows
Defi Boost Gauge
Various Stickers (will include for free despite the PITA install)

The Bad:
Rust on left rear wheel-well. Right door has a series of small dings (looks like someone lightly putted golf balls into it...who knows). Various spots of touch up paint. Rear Saab Badge is worn, however I have the replacement and will include it for you.

The Good:
Oil change every 5K miles. Just replaced power-steering fluid and drive-belts. There was some rust on the back hatch, but it has been repaired. Underside of car is in good condition. Tires have well over 50% of their life left. It's been a righteously reliable car.

Overall: I love this car, but I have no time to execute my original plans of beasting this bad boy up. It drives very well with the Stage 2...produces somewhere around 260 whp and 290ish torques. Very fun to take to work and pass people expeditiously when you need to.

Contact Info: [email protected]

*If I don't respond consistently for the next few weeks, it is because I am traveling for some temporary duty then moving to a different duty station after that. The car is in my father's garage until it ends up in yours. All coordination for the sale will go through me; however, once the time comes for a test drive or sale I will provide my father's contact information to arrange that.

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