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Hey folks,

I have a 2006 160k miles WRX Wagon, bone stock and it is fairly new to me, I've only had it a few months. I've owned a couple of eclipse turbo's in the past and I was pretty hands on with them.

When I first got it, it drove great, bat outta hell even all stock.
One day I was driving up hill and the car started bucking a lot. At the time it happened I was in 3rd gear at about 2800-3400rpm with probably 40% throttle.
I had the assumption this car may have been neglected of maintenance so I took the car home and cleaned MAF and replaced:
Air Filter
Fuel Pump, Gasket, Filter, and Sock
Both O2 sensors
Coil Packs (Didn't do spark plugs because the ones that were shipped to me were wrong and I haven't gotten around to changing them)
Radiator (cause why not)
Battery and grounds (cause why not)
Problem seemed semi-fixed, still felt slightly hesitant under load.
Drove it a lot under this semi-fixed state.

Then all of a sudden driving home and going up hill, car starts hesitating slightly, it seems like if i give her more fuel she hesitates less but doesn't necessarily accelerate any faster. I can't hear the car spool nearly as much anymore.I was far from home when this all happened so I took the drive as a way of trying to get as much mental data as possible;
More fuel smooths hesitation but doesn't produce extra acceleration,
Staying higher in the power band with my shifting smooths hesitation but still missing power now
Feels like I have very little boost or no boost at all
I'm pretty sure I've checked all the hoses, they're all connected, sprayed with CARB cleaner to see if i could find a easy leak to no avail. (I have alldatadiy account on this car so if someone could point me to a vacuum reference guide on there that'd be great too.)
I also noticed the line to the Fuel Pressure Regulator looked slighty cracked, I replaced it with a rubber one, hope thats okay since its not hard, didn't think it would pull too much vacuum in there.
Likely unrelated issues:
I have a CEL for P0442 but I'm pretty sure that's because I over filled it, from what I read, it doesn't seem like it would affect performance to this magnitude, but I am no professional. I also have a slight leak on passenger side valve cover that I will attend to soon.

Thank you for any advice, help, or info you guys can give me.

I do want to make 350hp with this car but I know, just like my DSM's, you have to make sure they're running perfectly before doing anything.
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