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Looking at picking up my first wrx, I would prefer to buy one that is stock but Ive been looking for months and cant find something clean.
The Wrx Im looking at mods:
-AVO Top Mount Intercooler
-Mishimoto Radiator
-Cobb Short Ram Intake
-STI Fuel Injectors
-AMR Green Goblin Turbocharger (rated for 550)
-Invidia N1 catback exhaust
-Cobb Accessport V3
-Upgraded Fuel Pump
-tseudo Down pipe
After talking with the owner for a while ive discovered that it probably has a bad head gasket, Im replacing my 1998 subaru outback legacy gasket and attempting to fix rod knock right now for experience on EJ's. The owner also added that before the gasket problems they had it checked out my a pr3 tuning place and they recommended new injectors. they are asking for 7500 but I think thats to much for a bad gasket. Please tell me everything im pretty new to actually working on cars, the 98 is the first engine ive lifted. And if you can help me better understand tuning that would be great. Its confusing to me because Cobb told me you shouldnt run their tunes on parts they dont recommend but this person is.

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Nope. Hard pass. A bunch of mods and running a cobb OTS map!? You answered your own question in the last sentence of your post. Even if this car was done and tuned properly I would still pass. You are buying a headache and more than likely an engine on its last leg. And that leg is 3/4 the way gnawed off.
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