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Hey everyone. Ive got a 2005 WRX and a pile of OEM parts that I am trying to sell. I read the post about using eBay but before I go to the trouble of setting all that up I wanted to make this post to gauge interest. The car does not run because I think a bearing has been spun. Ideally, I would like to sell it all off to 1 person for stupid cheap and just be done with it, but I realize that is probably wishful thinking. So, Take a look at what I have in the car and on the floor and hit me up if you are interested. Everything on the car has to stay on it. I do not have the time to part it out. The other parts can be sold separately but I would still prefer to find that 1 buyer that knows what they are getting with all of it and are willing to scoop it all up for cheap.

2005 WRX - 1 owner, some body damage and such
EJ25 Block with 2.0L Heads
CP Pistons
Grimmspeed - Phenolic spacers
Grimmspeed - TGV deletes
Custom 1000cc injectors
Perrin - Fuel system
Walboro fuel pump
STi intercooler
Perrin - Y pipe
Cobb - Short Intake
Mishimoto - radiator
Cobb - cast up-pipe
AMR turbo - T60R...I think
High Flow Catted Downpipe, Bellmouth but I forget who makes it
Borla Hush Exhaust - downpipe back
Megan Racing coilovers
Whiteline swaybars and endlinks.. I think
Rota - Tarmac 3 18s
Dynamat - complete lined floor interior

I also have a bunch of the OEM parts as well as some others. Take a look at the pic below.
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